The solution is easy. The custom-made cardboard product packaging that you obtain from supermarket are typically of a rather low high quality. A whole lot of them have actually already been torn open, with little care being provided to the honesty of the box. Of program, when you are evacuating tiny boxes of durable, lightweight things like clothin… Read More

There are lots of things that are crucial to brochure design. The cover page style and the style of your catalog's product pages all play important functions in creating a brochure that will bring in new consumers and sales.None of the things discussed above are more crucial than the type of paper you will select to print your catalog on. In this s… Read More

It's still going to work the same way", my exasperated hubby hissed into my ear as I grabbed cartons after containers of some 'designer' tissue. Yes, for a graphic designer and writer who understands all about the kind of effort one puts into product packaging and branding items, I sure fell for it. I am entitled to fall for great packaging, I have… Read More

Corrugated shipping boxes are not like your uncommon mythological Pandora's box. While the latter supposedly believed to have contained all the evil things in the world including the only excellent virtue that is hope, the previous makes certain to offer defense from all the harm the freights might need to go through, hoping to prevent the possible… Read More